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Disciplinary Policies

Promoting a Positive Attitude means:

Collaboration, Communication, Participation, Advocates for self and others

Our community is what we make it! Working together as a team and communicating (appropriately) how we feel and what we need will help everyone have a great time at LUMS. Treating each other with respect and modeling how we want others to treat us is the cornerstone of being a LANCER!

But, everyone makes mistakes. The goal of the Lamoille Union Middle School Discipline Policy is to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and social in a respectful, safe, orderly, and productive learning environment. All aspects of our discipline system include an opportunity for student reflection, communication, and discussion of expectations. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn and grow. Please click on the links to the rubrics for more information.

Blue Rubric                 Yellow Rubric                  Red Rubric

In addition, we ask that all parents and visitors to the school model the same expected behaviors.

Key points to remember:

  • Following Directions: Students are expected to follow the directions of all staff members while on school grounds or attending school functions. Adults give directions in order to maintain a safe environment. Failure to follow reasonable requests, disruptive behavior, or insubordination will result in corrective/disciplinary action.

  • “Out of Bounds”: This is our way of referring to students being where they are not supposed to be. Middle School students should not be in the Technology/Career Center or High School without a teacher or explicit teacher permission unless they are attending a scheduled class. Students anywhere without permission are also “out of bounds” and are subject to disciplinary action.

All INFORMATION about the iPads such as; Information and Procedures, iPad Code of Conduct and iPad Code of Conduct Rubric can be found in the Student Handbook on pages 39-45.