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Bus Information


Transportation is available from some point for all students in the district according to routes established by the school board.

Bus transportation is a privilege.  Good conduct and courtesy are expected and required both on the bus and at the bus stop while waiting for pickup.

Safety is very important to us.  Serious safety issues will result in immediate suspension of bus riding privileges. 

Lancer Pride Bus Expectations:

Achieve Academically

Be on time to the bus stop.

Keep belongings out of the aisle and safely stored.

Promote a Positive Attitude

Be polite and respectful to everyone on the bus.

Keep hands and feet to yourself.

Initiate Action

Follow the directions of the bus driver and follow the posted rules.

Keep the bus clean for all riders.

Stay safely seated on the bus.


Consequences for Student Behavior infractions on the Bus

First Offense:  Warning, a letter, parent communication and bus write-up.

Second Offense:  Possible bus suspension of 3-5 days or other consequence per administrative determination and parent communication.

Third Offense and After:  Parent communication, bus suspension of 5-10 days and/or other consequences as determined by the administration.

***As stated above, serious safety infractions on the bus or at bus stops will result in immediate suspension from the bus.***

If a student is suspended from one bus, she/he is suspended from all school buses, which may include those for field trips and athletic events.

Late Buses: The late buses stop at designated drop-off points in the center of towns, and generally leave the school at 5:30 PM in order to provide transportation for students who participate in after school activities.