Letter from the Principal



July 21, 2021

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year at Lamoille Union Middle School! 

We are looking forward to a close to normal school year! We will be receiving additional guidance from the AOE later this summer, but as of right now, all students will be in the school building each day that we are in session. This is wonderful! There are so many activities, opportunities and traditions that we want to return to.  It is too soon to know what health and safety measures (if any) may be required by schools, teachers and students in the fall, but I will inform you of any requirements that are instituted by the Vermont Department of Health.  For example, currently, all summer school students who use a school bus must wear a mask while on the bus.

Our day will also return to an 8:00 AM to 3:05 PM schedule.  We will not be dismissing students by radio as we did this past year.  All students will be dismissed at 3:05 PM. We will also be returning to a Blue/Gold Schedule where students have one applied academic class on a blue day and another on a gold day.  Currently, we plan for lunch and break to return to their pre-hybrid schedule with students eating lunch in the high school cafeteria and sharing the same break time.  Students with friends on other teams will share the same lunch and break.

Students will begin the day in their homebase classroom.  This is similar to an advisory time but will include community building activities, student voice opportunities such as our work with the 100% Respect Campaign and Lancer Pride activities.  We are very excited to bring back the many Lancer Pride activities and celebrate our Lancer Pride Expectations of Achieve Academically, Promote a Positive Attitude and to Initiate Action.  

LUMS is committed to finding ways to address student needs.  To provide an extra opportunity to expand upon skills, we have built a skills block into our schedule.  This is separate from a student’s regular class time and will be designed to expand upon skills such as finding information in text and using the information to write a paragraph answer to a question. This is the type of skill that we can help all students gain confidence in and increase their abilities to be ready for high school and beyond. 

I hope you find this website a useful tool to help answer questions or to determine who to contact for information. Please do not hesitate to contact me or your student’s team teachers for help.  You are an important member of the LUMS team.  Middle school years are an exciting time!  There is a great deal of personal growth and learning!  I hope your student takes advantage of some of the opportunities that are offered such as our athletic teams or our drama club.  It will be an exceptional year! 


Denise O. Maurice, LUMS Principal

Summer Academy 2021